How to stop doing sales and start building a great agency by Walter Chen

How to stop doing sales and start building a great agency

Did you build an agency to do amazing creative work, but find yourself doing sales all day?

No one in my agency could do sales except me.
I built the agency on my professional network. Clients would sign up because they wanted to work with me specifically. And I felt personally responsible to help them succeed.
I couldn’t trust anyone else with sales.
But the team I’d hired and built was burning a hole through my pocket. I needed to get them work, otherwise, I would lose money and my agency could implode. Some days, I’d wish I’d never built an agency because I could actually make more money and have more creative freedom as a freelancer.
That’s how I came to this important, miserable truth—as an agency founder, sales was the most important job that I could do.
In that moment, I saw my future stretched out before me, and it looked like an endless cycle of pitching, following up, sometimes closing and then doing it all again.
I felt compelled to do sales, sales had to be done, but I hated doing sales all day.
But that’s when I realized something. I didn’t hate sales per se. I liked closing deals and winning business. What I hated is how much time and energy it took out of my day.

I began thinking that I had to find a way to sell without spending time on selling. If I could decouple sales from my time, then I could close deals, build and grow the agency, and get back that satisfaction from doing creative work that I’d lost.

Then I had an aha moment that changed the way I ran my agency forever.

What I told potential clients on sales calls was nothing more than content. I listened to them talk about their problems, and then I empathized with them and let them know I’d seen those problems before. I told them about clients with similar problems and their success stories. I explained our philosophy and our creative and analytical approaches to problem solving. And I convinced them that I could help them win. 
I could create content and use it again and again. I could sell without having to be present to make the sale. I could scale myself using content.

As we've grown our agency to multiple millions per year in revenue, other agency founders have started asking me, "How do you do sales?" 

My answer: "I don't." I created this course to help other agency founders learn what we do instead. 

In this course, I share how we create demand, capture it, and close deals, all using content. Because it's all based on content not individual people, it scales. When you're done with this course, you should be ready to step off the agency treadmill, scale sales without your direct involvement and build a great agency by doing the creative work that you love.

What people are saying

Just finished your course and loved it. So many great guides and documents to modify moving forward. 

I also enjoyed how many great examples you shared throughout the course. I've got a ton of great ideas to implement now. 
Wes Bush, Principal at Product-Led Institute
Absolutely loving the course so far. Thanks for taking the time to create it. I feel like you’re literally talking TO me and my cofounder it’s so accurate to our situation.
Evan Knight, COO at RightMetric


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